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Terms of use · Privacy policy

This application, FeelShot is an application for shooting photos and videos on iOS and viewing photos and videos in the camera roll.

We will not provide information to third parties. Also, we do not sell user’s usage data.
Information collection is not done at all as an application, but as you wrote in the data analysis column below, information such as crash of an application can be obtained under the user’s consent, so in order to manage the obtained information Pay close attention and treat it as listed below.

○ Photos, Videos

Photos and videos taken by the user are stored only in the app or in the camera roll or selected album.

○ Data analysis

If you agree to share diagnostic data and usage information with App developers (Settings → Privacy → Analysis), crash situation and utilization will be provided in completely anonymous state. We will use that information only for improving the application. We will not provide it to third parties.

In addition, we do not collect information about files, actions and actions created by users in the application, nor do we gather any data.

○ About support

Please use the application page (in Facebook).

○ Disclaimer

We will respond as much as possible to the improvement of the stability of the application, improvement of functions, support for defects, but the developer is not responsible for the damage caused by using this application by the user.

June 23, 2019 for FeelShot ver6.0 rklab.net